Box Tops

Please download the new Box Tops for Education app! You scan your receipt and the box tops are automatically sent to F.A.S.T. This is an easy and fast way to help donate to our school. 

Amazon Smile 

Do you already shop on Amazon? This is a wonderful way to support the school without spending ANY extra money. Just go to Then, log into your account and support Rochester Primary FAST Club! Every time you shop, the proceeds will be sent to F.A.S.T. 

Penny Wars

Every year F.A.S.T. puts on a Penny War Fundraiser. Each penny or dollar gives the class positive money. You can sabotage another class by putting in silver money! This is a fun way for each child to participate and earn money for their school! All proceeds go towards giving each student a free shirt. 

Silent Virtual Auction 

F.A.S.T. is proud to announce that we will be having another virtual silent auction. This will be happening in the winter sometime. Stay tuned for offical dates. Thanks to local business, F.A.S.T. will be auctioning off gift baskets & several donations, along with Student artwork! If you, your business, or someone you know would like to donate or get involved, please contact F.A.S.T. via email

FunD Run

Every May, F.A.S.T. puts on an event called the FunD Run. This year it will take place on Friday, May 19th. Envelopes go home to each of the students. Family and friends can contribute donations on how many laps their students run or walk that day. This money goes to help pay for student prizes, teacher wish lists, special assemblies,  and overall funding for F.A.S.T.